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Our Business Has Been Around For Over 40 Years!

Why Does Your House Not Get Cool Air?

  • Our AC Broken Down.
  • We Had A Bad Installation
  • AC Unit Refuses To Work At A Certain Temperature.
  • The AC Unit Inside Our Home Might BE The Problem.
  • Maybe The Unit's Settings Are Wrong

A Hot And Stuffy Room Caused From Having No AC...

...Is Enough To Put Anyone In A Bad Mood!

We Will Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Always In Working Order!

It's Easy!

To give you the best for your Air Conditioner all you have to do is give us a call. We will set up a good time for you to have us come by!

Once there, we will be able to quickly repair or replace your AC unit and you'll be enjoying cool air in no time.


It'll Feel So Good!

Have cool air in your home again it will be so nice! Once our repair or installation is done, you will be able to feel the air circulating through your home again.

Just imagine how great that'll be!

We Are Expert HVAC Contractors!

Our appliance repair knowledge comes from 40 years of repairing well over thousands of units, we can now repair just about any problem you have.

No need to worry when you have a problem. Leave the problems to us. We can solve it for you.

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You'll Love Our Services!

1. Our Technicians Each Have Several Years Of Experience

2. Not Only Do We Work Fas But We Are Very Efficient

3. Upfront Honesty So You Know What To Expect

4. You Will Only Getting Quality Repairs From Us.

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Recent Reviews

Jon Cadenhead

Sharpsburg, GA

Date: Oct 4, 2018
Fantastic integrity and hard work. Couple that with their remarkably good price on one of the top systems in the markets today. Don't overthink it. Use these folks for your new systems. You will get an honest price and more than you bargained for in their labor and warranty. I am thoroughly pleased.

"Fantastic Integrity And Hard Work."


Newnan, GA

Date: Aug 13, 2018
I had A-OK come out and install an air condenser and coil at the beginning of May. I wanted to wait a few weeks and use my AC before reviewing them. So far, my AC is working beautifully!! My house cools down in a matter of minutes and the condenser runs fairly quietly. I found the owner to be a pretty honest guy as far as not overselling me and I really appreciated that. Some contractors will take advantage of a female. The install actually takes several hours which was a little shocking to me. I thought they'd be in and out in an hour or so but apparently, these installs are very laborious! Be prepared to block off a good 5-6 hours!! Also, check your purchased items to make sure that what you bought is actually what is being installed. One of the delivery guys (not part of A-OK) brought the wrong part, and had not I noticed, I would've gotten a lower grade /cheaper air condenser. A-OK had the delivery guys go get the correct part and made great use of the wait time installing the coil until the condenser arrived. I would definitely use them again! Great team!

"Would Definitely Use Them Again!"

Shane Wescott

Fayetteville, GA

Date: Apr 9, 2018
A-OK is awesome! They feel like family. Friendly people and when you call ask for Tyler he is a cool and friendly guy. You won't go wrong with A-OK.

"They Feel Like Family."

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