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Broken AC Units Are The Worst...

Especially During Hot Muggy Summers.

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Each of our repairs is made by one of our professional technicians who are not fast but very efficient in their work for each job.

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Not only will you always have a professional technician working on the repairs for you AC Unit, but you will also always get straightforward honesty from each one.


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Job Details

Location of Job: McDonough, Ga
When: Sep 12, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Installation, HVAC change out
Brief Explanation

HVAC systems that are old or malfunctioning will cost you $1000's extra in your total annual energy expenses. This was the exact problem of one of our customers. They were spending more money on their total energy costs and they still had no control over their office's temperature.

Professional HVAC Repair

One of our most highly esteemed customers is Bennett Motors, who run an extremely good freighting company who not only provide some of the best services but also provide excellent local employment and terrific transportation services.

Once we heard about what was happening we knew that we had to help them out as quickly as possible. We actually had to upgrade their system to a higher S.E.E.R. value.

This was an HVAC repair in McDonough.

Let S.E.E.R. Work For You

S.E.E.R.s are Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios that are represented by a certain number 25 being the highest. With the higher number of the ratio the more efficiently your money is being spent.

In order to get their systems fully functioning, we added two new systems to the facility. Two 5 ton, S.E.E.R. 14, 3 phase electrical systems which were added onto their already 40 other systems.

These two systems that we installed property substantially improved temperature control in their office. Needless to say, they were very pleased with the results we gave them. Being able to help out this fine establishment so that it can continue providing such excellent employment/services to the community, makes us very happy. They will be able to do all of this from much more comfortable office/warehouse with functioning and controllable temperature.

Recent Reviews

Matthew Bonilla

Stockbridge, GA

Date: Jan 26, 2017
I recommend this company to everyone. It was great to finally have a honest hardworking company come into my house and feel comfortable. They were extremely personable. They made sure I understood what was wrong, explained in thorough detail what needed to be done. I will definitely use them again for any hvac needs in my future.

"I recommend this company to everyone. "

Larry Seabolt

McDonough, GA

Date: Jan 19, 2017
Really Great!

"Really Great!"

Dick Jones

Stockbridge, GA

Date: Dec 15, 2016
The people from AOK did a great job installing my new furnace and air conditioner. They arrived on time and finished the day they arrived. They were friendly and courteous and did their job professionally.

"AOK did a great job"

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