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Here Are Just A Few Things

Anyone Could Do The Job, We Can Do It Better.

  1. Providing Over 40 Years Of HVAC Service
  2. Our Repairs Cover Just About Everything
  3. We Keep Up To Date With Any Changes That Happen In The HVAC Industry.
  4. Giving You Quality Work That You Can Trust
  5. Customers Just Love Us!
  6. Reviews Are Everything For A Company, We Have Some Of The Best!

The Past 4 Decades, Have Been Full Of A Lot Of Work

2000 Furnace And AC Unit Repairs As Just A Minimum!

Like any HVAC company starting out, we did have much for us. Being a new company we had little to no customers and it was very difficult to get us up and running.

We were able to push through these hard times and gain enough experience to become the professional HVAC company we are today.

Our Techs Only Use The Best Equipment

Professional Equipment Gives Professional Results

Our Opinion Might Be A Bit Biased...

Lets See What Our Customers Think?

Date: Jan 11, 2018
Super good job. Doesn't cost an arm or a leg and he was done in under an hour!! Great customer service very polite. Great with dogs and young kids!!

Eddie Acosta

Newnan, GA

Date: Nov 2, 2017
Honesty and integrity go a long way with me also pricing was very fair.....A-ok gets it done.... My a/c just stopped working after 12 a.m. I called 3 companies and no one was able to come out till the morning. I couldn't wait till morning due to the fact I have elderly people living with me. so I call A-ok and Tyler was the tech on call for the night. He was super helpful and friendly. Tyler was a few counties away but made the call to rush to my home after 12 am. And fix my unit. It was getting pretty hot inside my house. Turns out it was just a fuse that went bad. He was able to correct it in minutes. I'm thankful Tyler is a honest young man. He could have said anything to run up the bill but he didn't... it was just a blown fuse. I high recommend A-OK for service needs. The pricing was fair and matched up better than everyone else.... the difference which is huge was Tyler came out to do the repair where as every other company wanted me to wait till the morning. Thank you Tyler for getting my unit back in order and I'm happy to say they have my Business going forward....

Services Provided

AC Repair

Mike Colon

Newnan, GA

Date: Oct 29, 2017
Just had a well knowledge maintenance tech from A-OK come out and maintenance my AC unit and furnace. He informed me about all my safety’s were working properly and my Freon was well charged, cleaned my coils and drain, replaced my filter and checked the temps in all my supply’s. This young mans name was Mike and I would recommend him to come out to all my friends and family’s homes for maintenance.

Services Provided

AC and Furnace Maintenance

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Our Business Started A Long Time Ago...

See The Progress That We Have Made Since Then?

Our company, A-Ok Heating & Cooling, has always been a family owned and operated company. The foundation was back in 1972 when the founder was inspired by one of their many clients to start his own business. Having been working on the furnace of the customer he decided to not cut any corners, instead of giving the customer 100% honest quality work he deserves done on his furnace. This got the customer's attention and he gave the comment that the work done was "A-OK!"

The work ethic of A-Ok technicians has not changed since that day so long ago. This has become our character, we will never be dishonest or even advise you to do things that give extra money to us. We will only give you the honest truth about your appliances and what needs to be done with them to get them running again.

If you are looking for an HVAC service that does things right, is affordable, and will be honest with you, then A-Ok Heating & Cooling is the company that you need.

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